For the week 14 edition of the MAC Roundtable, the questions are coming from Buffalo blog Bull Run. This is the last roundtable of the season. Hat tip to Tim at Bull Run for coordinating the MAC Blogger roundtable effort.

MAC Roundtable

Below the fold you’ll find the questions that were posed to us and our answers, so read on…

1) What was the best thing you saw from your team and can they maintain that next season?

The best thing we saw from the Rockets this season was the offensive numbers put up all season. The two QB system worked this year despite many doubters. Both QB’s were more than capable of playing when called upon. The offensive line will change a bit next season, and the Rockets lose Thomas and Williams out of the backfield, but the scoring juggernaut will continue.

2) What was the worst thing you saw from your team and can they correct that this season?

The worst thing we saw from the Rockets this season was the occasional lapses on defense. Back to back games in which the defense gave up 63 points is unacceptable. Despite the occasional weak play, there were also some solid performances. We are hoping next season is less of a roller coaster and more of a straight path of solid defense.

3) Where did your season line up with expectations?

The Rockets finished 8-4, 7-1 in conference. We predicted this team to finish roughly 9-3 and 7-1 or 8-0 in MAC play. The loss at Syracuse still stings as well as nearly beating the Buckeyes in Columbus.

4) MACC predictions and all the number of Bowls the conference gets

We wouldn’t be surprised to see 4 MAC teams get bowl games. Ohio, Toledo and NIU seem pretty certain but it’s a toss up between WMU and Temple in our minds. We’d rather see WMU than Temple, but we’ll have to wait to see what the bowl committees choose.

5) Final rankings

1. Toledo
2. NIU
3. Ohio
4. Temple
5. WMU
6. Ball State
7. EMU
9. CMU
10. Miami
11. Kent
12. Buffalo
13. Akron

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