Several readers brought this issue to our attention from last night’s game versus Northern Illinois. As the NIU team ran onto the field for the first time, the marching band was clearing the field. Rather than wait for a few moments to make their entrance, they simply barreled out onto the field taking out several unsuspecting musicians in the process.

Pretty weak move by NIU. Admittedly, the band appeared to slow NIU down more than the Rocket defense… but all kidding aside, this is unacceptable behavior. Show a little class, NIU.

Update: Bass suspended for running over UT band member or from ESPN: Jamaal Bass out for band incident

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  1. Lose with a little class…

    • The NIU player was suspended for his actions. He obviously did something wrong. Regardless of the outcome of the game, it was a classless move.

    • Looks like losing 29 of 38 games hurts more than anything. You can keep the Rockets as your “super bowl” and we’ll continue to treat you like a regular MAC opponent.

      The band is on the field prior to every game, and yet an incident has never happened until now….

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