For the week 8 edition of the MAC Roundtable, the questions are coming from NIU blog Red and Black Attack.

MAC Roundtable

Below the fold you’ll find the questions that were posed to us and our answers, so read on…

1. Just when one team thinks they have a hold of the division, it seems like the next week they get upset by a seemingly lesser-talented surprise team. How do you explain the volatility in the MAC this year, with CMU beating NIU, then NIU beating WMU and EMU defeating CMU just this past week?

Shy of NIU’s victory over WMU, the rest of those games are just weekly peaks of middle of the pack MAC teams. The MAC, traditionally, features two or three strong teams and two or three weak teams and all other participants lumped in the middle — and this year is no exception to that. The only surprising point of the games mentioned above is that WMU couldn’t hold it’s own in a game that, on paper, they should have won.

2. Going off of the last question, how emotionally involved are you with your respective team? Do you have your highs and lows or do you try and keep an even keel the entire season following your respective squad?

As much time as we all spend covering our teams, it’s hard not to become caught up in all of it. We feel we do a good job of remaining cautiously optimistic and avoiding the pitfalls of super highs and lows. Because Toledo plays the toughest OOC schedule of any team in the MAC, it is difficult to not take some of the early disappointing games to heart, but when you’re competing with some of the top tier teams in the country and holding your own, it’s easier to bounce back and refocus when it comes time for conference play.

3. It seems like the MAC is part being a league where just offense prowess can win the league. Is that statement correct? Do you think your team has the right balance this season, or will one side of the ball have to carry the other the rest of the way?

While the defense has vastly improved, with all of the injuries the Rockets have faced on that side of the ball this year, the offense is going to have to carry the team the rest of the way. Injuries to LB Molls, S Robinson, S Singer, DE Fatinikun, CB Paige have left the Toledo defense very thin.

4. If you could get a top recruit for one position on your team, which one would it be?

Toledo would benefit most from a top recruit in the defensive secondary; a true threat that would limit the passing game and keep opposing QBs from even looking at his side of the field. This skill set would compliment Toledo’s solid run defense and help quiet opponents’ offensive production.

5. Rank los equipos

1. Toledo
2. WMU
3. Temple
4. Ohio
5. NIU
6. CMU
8. Ball State
9. Buffalo
10. Miami
11. Kent
12. EMU
13. Akron

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