Week 11 is here and it’s time for another MAC Blogger Roundtable. Roundtable installment #11, this time hosted by Buffalo blog, Bull Run.

MAC Roundtable

Head below the fold for the questions and our answers, so read on…

1. There are still six teams in the MAC who can become Bowl Eligible. The two with the toughest road to hoe are Kent and WMU, each with six losses. Do either, neither, or both teams make 6-6 and potentially see a bowl.

We don’t see either team making a bowl game this year. WMU has a good chance of winning out beating EMU, Kent and BGSU but that won’t be enough to get to a bowl game. Even if they do win out, 3 MAC losses will not equal a bowl game. Kent has Army, WMU and Ohio on their schedule – all games they could lose. Neither team is going to earn a bowl berth this season.

2. In the past two years three coaches from the MAC have “moved up”. Brady Hoke in 2008 and Turner Gill / Butch Jones in 2009. Which Coach or Coaches more out in 2010. Also which coaches get tossed on the garbage heap of failed and fired MAC coaches.

We don’t predict any MAC coaches to move on. With Temple in the talks to move to the Big East, Al Golden will stay put and to try and ride that wave. Though he probably should, Stan Parrish has dug Ball State into a deep hole, but he won’t be let go, at least this season.

3. Right now three MAC teams are getting votes in various polls (NIU, Temple, and Ohio). Is the MAC starting to upswing off of the (real or perceived) fall off from 2004-2009?

It might be an upswing, or teams are losing left and right once they enter the poll. Though those teams are getting votes in the polls, they aren’t quite there yet to actually be ranked. That won’t happen until they schedule tougher out of conference games and win them consistently.

4. So far this season what has been the story that defines the MAC? Which player’s, team’s, or mascot’s news headline is most representative of the conference as a whole.

Bandwagon defines the MAC. A team wins and suddenly they’re the best in the conference. Are they the best team? Maybe, maybe not. First it was Temple. Every one was in love with Temple. They lose to NIU and suddenly everyone is in love with NIU. Toledo would love to play North Dakota, Minnesota, Akron and Buffalo in one season, a combined 6-32.

5. Rank MAC squads in order of pure 2010 Power

1. NIU
2. Temple
3. Toledo
4. Ohio
5. Miami Ohio
6. WMU
7. Ball State
8. Kent State
9. CMU
10. Buffalo
11. Bowling Green
12. Eastern Michigan
13. Akron

6. Rank the Bottom 5 MAC Squads (from above) by how much improvement you might expect in 2011.

Of the bottom 5, we expect to see the most improvement out of CMU and BGSU next season. UB can’t seem to get all the pieces together at the same time to be successful consistently and EMU and Akron have some larger issues.

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  1. Yeah i dont think Ohio nor Miami are better than Toledo. Toledo has one MAC loss and that is to the #1. OU has lost to us, and still have to play Temple. I honsestly think we could beat TU too. But 3 huge lossed on national TV, make toledo look like they are an okay team who has taken advantage of worse teams.
    …EMU and CMU will be better next year.

  2. “Toledo would love to play North Dakota, Minnesota, Akron and Buffalo in one season, a combined 6-32. ”

    Do I smell the distinct Aroma of Scott Tenorman’ s tears ;)

  3. Irrelevant, they won all of those games, and killed us. No doubt NIU is better this year, they have 21 seniors. Next year Toledo will get’m.

    • I think L8N’s point was that, if we had that schedule, we’d be sitting at 9-1 after that game. Not debating that we got beat soundly, only that their path to 8-2 is significantly easier than our path would have been.

  4. Yeah Wyoming was the worst loss of either team so far.

  5. You guys dont realize how much difference Mike Geradi makes. If he started the season we would be 10-0. Its like someone flipped a swtich when they got steward out of there.
    And dont forget Temple was up AT NIU in the second quarter. NIU looked dominant because all Temple got were three and outs.
    Temple V. NIU rematch in championship game: Temple 34 – NIU 20

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