Boise State is not a “typical” Toledo opponent – so we decided not to do our typical Q&A this week. We were approached by five (5!) Boise State blogs to do Q&A sessions and we agreed to work with two fellow blogs to complete our posts. Without further adieu, the first installation of our Boise Q&A with Marc at TrueBSUFans:

Head below the fold for the questions/answers…

1) Does it hurt or benefit Boise and Toledo to have never faced each other before ? Do common opponents (Wyoming) and our respective performances against those teams give any indication of the outcome of the BSU/TOL matchup?

I think it helps. As a Boise State fan, I love it when BSU plays new teams. We get to see their players, traditions, and coaches.

Sure, common opponents can give an indication of the outcome, however, it is not a sure thing. Let me give you an example. BYU beat Washington 23-17, Washington then beat USC 32-21. on the same week, BYU lost to Utah State 31-16. I highly doubt that Utah State can beat USC. So yes it gives us an indication, however it does not secure any indication.

2) What aspect of gameplay for the Broncos will change the most between this year’s game in Idaho, and next year’s game in Ohio ? (Talent, playcalling, personnel, atmosphere, etc.)

Boise Struggles on the road. For some reason Boise State plays very conservative on the road. Usually the play calling seems different, as well. And next year, they will be playing with a lot of younger players. Their best receivers this year are seniors, (Titus Young, Austin Pettis) Also they will need to replace some key defensive players like Ryan Winterswyk and Winston Venable.

3) Which part of the Boise game worries you the most against Toledo ?

The secondary has always been my biggest concern. They have a tendency to play lazily and often this costs BSU some big plays. They gave up some huge plays against Virginia tech and Oregon State costing touchdowns.

4) What does Boise have to do to get critics to silence their chatter about strength of schedule and for Boise to become a mainstay in college football ?

At this point, even if they go undefeated for 10 straight years, they will still have critics. I think Chris Peterson has the right idea though. They just need to go out and play. They need to win big and play as well as they can. Let the critics be critics. If Boise State loses one game, the critics will say “see, i told you Boise wasnt that good”. however if Ohio State or Alabama lose a game, they say it was just bad luck on that given day. If Boise State wins a big game, critics say that the Broncos won by “Tricks”.

5) If Boise wins out, state your case for a BCS game (National Championship)

Let me start by saying that the term “fan”, is short for fanatic. Of course i want and beleive that if the Broncos go undefeated that they should go to the national championship game. So heres my proof. Boise state returned 21 of 22 starters from last year. They have not lost a home game in the regular season since 1999. They have two BCS bowl game wins. Last year they beat the pac-10 champion (Oregon). And the Mountain West Conference champion (TCU).

For those who say that last year is not this year, I say:

This year they beat two teams ranked in the top 25. Virginia Tech who was ranked 10th. And most likely the Hokies will win the ACC. Boise also beat Oregon State who was ranked 24th. And latter in the season they will play a ranked Nevada team. Their Schedule although easy as it looks, is just as hard as anyone in the ACC or Big East. And those conferences get an automatic BCS bowl bid. Am I saying that Boise State should play in the National Championship game above an Undefeated Alabama? No. However, in no way should Oregon play for the NC game over Boise State when the Broncos have beaten them twice in the last two years. If Alabama and Ohio St. go undefeated, I think Boise State fans are ok with playing in a BCS bowl. However fans want BSU to play against someone else other than Oregon or TCU.

Some great insight from Boise. Thanks again to Marc for the Q&A – be sure to check out his site for the goods on Boise State.

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  1. Where’d you find this “blog” at? As a life-long BSU fan I’ve never heard of TrueBSUfans.com. And just to clarify, since this guy, Marc, doesn’t know, it’s Coach Petersen…with an E, not an O. Also, the last regular season home game BSU lost wasn’t in 1999, it was in September 8th, 2001. We lost to Washington State 42-20. Anyone that’s a BSU fan knows that, or at the very least, knows that the info can be found in the BSU Football Media Guide.

    Honestly, you guys would be better off doing a Q&A with One Bronco Nation Under God, Bronco Country, or Blue Turf Nation. These have the largest concentration of BSU fans, most of which are knowledgeable in BSU facts/fiction.

    • Our second Q&A is with OBNUG and will go public tomorrow afternoon.

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