David Fluellen has piled up quite a stat line this year and looks to add to it with his performance in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl this Saturday. Fluellen has positioned himself to climb the Toledo record books with the right kind of performance in the final game of the season. Check out where he sits heading into the game:

Rushing yards (Season)

Rank Player / Year Yards
1 Wasean Tait (1995) 2090
2 Chester Taylor (2001) 1620
3 Kelvin Farmer (1986) 1532
4 Jalen Parmele (2007) 1511
5 Chester Taylor (2000) 1470
6 David Fluellen (2012) 1460
7 Trinity Dawson (2005) 1294

Just 10 yards will tie him with Chester Taylor and 52 yards will move him ahead of Jalen Parmele and put him at 4th on the list. 73 yards will get him ahead of Kelvin Farmer (#3), which is still a realistic target.

Rushing attempts (Season)

Rank Player / Year Attempts
1 Wasean Tait (1995) 370
2 Steve Morgan (1984) 336
3 Kelvin Farmer (1986) 299
Chester Taylor (2001) 299
5 Jalen Parmele (2007) 276
6 Roland Moss (1968) 267
7 Dwayne Harris (1997) 254
8 David Fluellen (2012) 252
9 Chester Taylor (2000) 250

With an average of nearly 23 carries per game, Fluellen could reach #6 on this list just head of Roland Moss. A few more carries would get him ahead of Jalen Parmele at #5, but Chester Taylor is sitting 47 attempts ahead of Fluellen right now, so we don’t see him eclipsing that mark.

100-yard games (Season)

Rank Player / Year Games
1 Wasean Tait (1995) 12
2 Chester Taylor (2000) 10
3 Roland Moss (1968) 8
Chester Taylor (2001) 8
5 Dwayne Harris (1997) 7
Chester Taylor (1999) 7
Trinity Dawson (2005) 7
Jalen Parmele (2007) 7
9 David Fluellen (2012) 6

With this being the final game, if Fluellen can tally 100 yards he’ll move into a five way tie with some of the best running backs in Toledo history. While Fluellen has a great chance to move up in the other two record categories with his performance on Saturday, moving up on this list will be the hardest for him to achieve but not impossible, as he’s demonstrated 6 times earlier this season. The real factor will be how close to 100% he feels at game time due to the ankle injury that kept him out of the Akron game.

After looks at this, you’ll notice a few things. First, Wasean Tait was a beast. Second, David Fluellen has had a pretty great 2012 season without too much fanfare. Third, if Fluellen can stay healthy and the offensive line can keep giving him holes, his career stats should be climbing the record books next year also.

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  1. Tait was a beast. I remember watching him play when I was looking at possibly going to Toledo. I had family who were high ups at BG who were completely afraid of him. I remember watching the game when he got hurt and I was devastated as I thought he could realistically be invited for the Heisman.

  2. Averaging over 132 yards a game, Fluellen should move into the third spot on the rushing yards per season statistic. I find it interesting that he has 6 games of 100 yards or more but is so high on the list of rushing yards per season. So the other games he’s played and rushed less than 100 yards (5) he must have been close to 100 and the games he eclipsed 100 yards (6) he went way over. It’s also interesting that he only played 11 of the 12 games so far. Who knows what he could have done against a very bad Akron team. If he held his average of 132 yards, he would have over 1,700 yards on the season including the bowl game.

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