We first brought this up last week when Reedy and Russell had about 200 and 300 yards (respectively) to gain to get to 1,000 receiving yards for the season. With the Ball State game under their belts, these two wideouts moved even closer to that goal. Here’s how it stands before the NIU game:

Player Rec Yards Avg/Rec TDs Yds/Gm
Bernard Reedy 68 901 13.25 6 90.1
Alonzo Russell 43 759 17.65 3 75.9

With two games remaining on the regular season schedule, plus the possibility of the MACC and a bowl game — both of these guys have a shot at passing the 1,000 receiving yard mark.

Here’s what to watch for tonight:

Player Yards to 1000 Average Needed Per Game (2)

Realistically, Reedy shouldn’t have any problem reaching the 1,000 yard mark and may do so tonight. Russell will likely need post-season play to reach 1,000 unless something special happens. Either way – cheer the guys on. Go Rockets!

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