This weeks Coop Scoop is a difficult one to write. The Toledo Rockets travel to Cleveland for a “HOME” game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. I want nothing more than for the Rockets to beat Ohio State. The Buckeyes are over rated, over hyped, and quite possibly have the most annoying fan base in all of sports.

Toledo is coming off of a 54-38 performance against Big 12 opponent, Colorado. Opelt has looked like Superman the past 2 games, racking up 742 yards through the air with 7 TD’s and 2 INT’s along with 132 rushing for 2 TD’s.

OSU is coming off another loss to a quality opponent. That’s 6 straight losses against the top 5 for the Buckeyes. The only thing going well for the Buckeyes is their defense, holding USC to just 18 points, but I think USC didn’t play their best game either. Shouldn’t have been that close.

For the Rockets to win this game, they are going to need near perfect performances from every position. I won’t say it can’t be done, especially after defeating Michigan at the Big House last year. The Rocket offense needs to score early and often. We can’t settle for FG’s the whole game because that won’t be enough. The offense must attack with a balanced game plan, keeping the Buckeyes defense honest. The Rocket defense needs to absolutely, without a doubt, play their best game of their careers to be able to stop the OSU rushing game. That’s what worries me. OSU will run, run, run, run, run. Coach Beckman said it’s not a matter of stopping Pryor, but containing him – he’s going to look to bounce back after that dismal performance against the Trojans. They can’t throw the ball down field, and when they do, it’s a slant over the middle. “They are an incredibly boring team to watch.” ~OSU Fan. The Rockets MUST win the turnover battle.

This probably won’t be a high scoring battle like we would like to see. It won’t be in the 50’s. OSU will run the ball and control the clock, like OSU always does. Toledo won’t be able to score if we don’t have the ball. I’ve been tossing around final scores all week. I don’t want to pick OSU to win. I HATE to pick OSU to win. The fan in me says pick Toledo. The rational blog writer says to pick OSU.

This game SHOULD be closer than what Buckeyes fans are hoping for.

OSU – 24
Toledo – 20

A few scores early by the Rockets, and Steigerwald gets some long FG’s to keep the Rockets in the game, but OSU comes out after halftime after being embarrassed in the first half. I hope I’m wrong. I think Toledo could score more points if OSU didn’t control the clock.


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  1. You Toledo fans are delusional. You beat a barely D1 Colorado team and now you have a competitive team? Last time I checked you guys were practically in Michigan. Oh, and your awesome fan base and stadium are so “big” that they needed to move the game to a stadium that could support a REAL team’s fanbase. Its just unfortunate that Browns stadium cant hold more than 100K of us.
    OSU – 42
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 10

  2. Now, now, BuckeyeSki that’s a little harsh. This is why he said Ohio State has the “most annoying fan base in all of sports.” (I tend to think it’s Yankee and Red Sox fans, but that’s my opinion.)

    Granted, Colorado probably won’t win a game all year and Purdue lost to Northern Illinois, and that’s a team that beat Toledo handily. And while the Rockets did beat Michigan last year, so did Ohio State. In fact, the Buckeyes blew out the Wolverines.

    Yes, Opelt looked very good in the first two games, and as this blogger stated, “like Superman.” Of course Ohio State had the kryptonite in the form of different blitz packages and getting constant pressure on Opelt, who was never in a rhythm and was running for his life most of the day.

    The bigger problem with Toledo is their defense. But Coach Beckman will right the ship and get everything turned around and will have the Rockets in MAC title contention.

    Nice blog, by the way.

  3. I am totally dejected at this loss not being able to put up points against a mediocre Buckeye team has to rank as one of the all time great embarrassments in Rocket history. I feel like a recipient of a Mike Tysonesque uppercut to the scrotum. How can a half-way retarded Tressel offense score at will?

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