3 UT players suspended

Coach Beckman announced today that three players were being suspended for unspecified “disciplinary reasons”

Sophomore running back Morgan Williams, the Rockets’ leading rusher last season, will sit out the first two games of the season, while senior linebacker Daris Quinn and senior safety Chris Faison will miss the season opener at Purdue on Saturday.

Obviously, playing without these three will present challenges for the Rockets. It’s not that these three are the keys to our success, but they are certainly three peices of the puzzle and may be the difference between hanging with Purdue and falling behind them. It’s unfortunate to see any player suspended, but Beckman has to act with authority and consistency:

“We have team policies here, and those team policies are going to be fulfilled,” Beckman said. “If those team policies are not, then that’s what’s going to be taken [away].”

Source article via the Toledo Blade.

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  1. Nice to see the MAC coaches like Gill, Beckman, Golden, and English making the quality of student as important as the quality of athlete!

    This will hurt you guys, Straight up MAC Teams can hang with mid to low tier BCS teams until the 3rd and 4th quarter when depth becomes a factor.

    • I think your mention of depth hits the nail on the head. This rings particularly true with RB, where having two or three sets of legs would be key in keeping the run going successfully deep into the game. We’re still leaving the game in good hands with Collins and Walker, but having Williams mixed in with those guys would have been a great advantage to us.

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