As Toledo opens the 2009 football season against Purdue on Saturday, we worked with the Purdue blog, Hammer & Rails, to get Purdue’s 5 keys to winning. Thought it would be good to see the flipside of the coin and see what Purdue will focus on, when they take on the Rockets:

Five things Purdue needs to do to win the game:

  1. Control the clock – Big Ten teams get in trouble against the MAC when they go away from their strengths. Purdue should have a much better running game this season. That running game needs to move the ball and wear down the Toledo defense. Toledo cannot score if it does not have the ball, so Purdue should look to run quite a bit with Ralph Bolden, Jaycen Taylor, Frank Halliburton, and Dan Dierking.
  2. Avoid dropped passes – This will be the first division 1 college game for most of Purdue’s receivers. They simply need to catch the ball and get up to speed at their new level.
  3. Stop the run – This will be an excellent test for Purdue’s run defense. It hasn’t been good for years, but the Boilers can make a statement very early if they can slow down Toledo’s running game. The Rockets have some experienced backs that run the ball very well. Still, if Purdue cannot slow them down it will be a bad sign for the following week’s trip to Oregon.
  4. Let Joey Elliott be a leader – Elliott wants to be a coach some day, so it is time for him to show his leadership on the field. This will be the first extensive action of his career. All he needs to do is manage the game, allow his running game to work, and let the defense do the rest.
  5. Play Big Ten football – Purdue needs to play to its strengths of depth and overall talent against a MAC opponent. As long as it does so the Boilers will be fine.


Barry Church, bringing the heat.

Curious about Toledo’s 5 keys to success ? Check back later in the week for the first Coop Scoop of the season, where L8N gives our keys to win against Purdue.

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